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1. Do I have to be appointed with your companies?
        No--you do not have to be appointed with our companies.  We are the agent-of-record on the business we partner with you to write----and work on a shared revenue basis.  We have a standard Broker/Rep agreement that we will ask you to sign---and provide evidence of your agency (or agent) license, and E&O dec page. We also do not have any volume requirements.

  I am a captive agent---and am not allowed to broker business. How can I refer business to you and not jeopardize my current company relationship?
        We currently work with several agents that simply refer their clients to us and we work with their clients directly---and do not share revenue with the referring agent (so as to not jeopardize their direct company relationship). We will not solicit additional lines of insurance from any client that is a direct referral to our agency from yours. Our mission is to build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our agency partners---and we are there to help you "round out" the account needs of your clients.

3. What commissions do you pay?
        We work with our agency partners on a shared-revenue basis. Each quote proposal that is sent to your agency will detail the commission level you will receive. You can generally expect 5-7% on workers' compensation cases----and 10% on other commercial lines. 
        Occupational Accident plans will provide a "per person per month" revenue----and it will vary by classification. Each Occupational Accident proposal will specify the revenue that your agency will receive.

4. Do you charge "service fees"?
        No, we do not charge service fees over and above the quote we receive from our direct markets.